Lomer Keswick MTX walking boots review

A six-month review of a comfortable classic Italian walking boot.
Price: £120

Front and bottom view of the Lomer Keswick MTX boot

The Lomer Keswick MTX walking boot is comfortable, warm and stylish. Made by a respected Italian shoemaker, it is built with both quality leather and expert craftmanship. Longer lasting than any other boot I have known; I really recommend this boot for anyone who enjoys a good walk.

I first had a pair of Lomer boots when I was a teenager. My dear mother bought a pair of that were slightly too big so I could grow into them. I did grow into them, and they kept going with me for well over ten years. Having tried boots from other popular brands; that have fallen apart within a year. Struggling to source another pair of Lomer in England for many years; I bought this pair as soon I saw them by chance on Amazon.

Side views of the Lomer MTX boots


I have worn these on cold winter days to just work in the garden. They have all the flexibility and feedback of a trainer, so it easy to drive in them too. Feathering the clutch, or just not pressing the wrong pedal is no problem in these boots.

For the last six months, I have been on a Sunday walk almost every weekend in these boots. Walking for a distance of anywhere between two and twenty kilometres; they have felt cool in summer and warm in winter.

I have climbed: Scafell Pike and the Corridor Route, the highest mountain in England in these boots. When returning to the car after a week of walking, my feet were not sore, blistered or cold. I have spent fifteen hours climbing: Posets, the second highest mountain in the Pyrenees in these boots. The thirty kilometres of distance and the 2,500 metres in altitude gain had no effect on the comfort of these boots. The low mountain temperatures, sharp rocks and the uneven scree slopes; were no problem for these Lomer boots. The soft but flexible Vibram sole kept me comfortable. The quality leather uppers kept my feet warm but dry from sweat as well as rain. The quality insole and classic lacing system prevented any blisters or skin abrasions.

These Lomer boots are as comfortable as any trainer, shoe or slipper. I would go as far to say that it feels as comfortable as walking through sand with bare feet.

Relaxing in my Lomer on the slopes of Posets

Design and Style

Photo courtesy of the official website; for more information, click here: http://www.lomer.it/en-UK/caffe.php

The Lomer Keswick boots is of a classic design. None of those gaudy colours or brand names plastered on like an unwanted cast. The leather on these boots is a smooth chocolate/ coffee brown colour. The uppers are full grain leather that is 2 millimetres thick. Underneath this, there is a patented lining called: MerTex. This membrane allows the foot to breathe whilst being resistant to the ingress of water.

The placement of the lace eyelets allows for a snug but flexible fit. With a line of eyelets further back to maintain tension from the horizontal foot to the the vertical ankle. The boots come with a two-tone colour coded lace as well as the the classic red laces in the photgraph.

On the inside, a smooth leather is used so I have never had problems with blisters or other abrasions. Beneath my feet there is a removable soft foam foot bed. With a: ‘3-millimetre-thick anti torsion mid sole’ to reduce lateral twisting of the foot. For the sole, Lomer has used a soft Vibram sole which flexes well on loose and uneven terrain. However, with a deep tread, you cannot feel sharp and uneven rocks when you step on them.


The history of Lomer

Lomer started making hiking boots in 1975; in the town of Montebelluna, in Treviso, Italy. An area known for shoemaking for over 100 years, where around 400 companies now employ 6,000 people. Generations of shoemakers have passed down lifetimes of specialist knowledge and skill that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

With a commitment to: “to produce boots and shoes that offer legendary comfort, coupled with style, craftsmanship and exceptional value.” Lomer can boast that their boots are still designed and made in Italy with only the finest materials.

Checkout their website and see the whole range here: http://www.lomer.it/en-UK/

Wear after six months

Wear to the left toebox. Note the various scuffs.
Wear to the right toebox. Note the sole has seperated from the front of the toebox.

So, all boots and shoes look good on the super fit and healthy models in the online adverts. These Lomer boots still looked good when I first took them out the box and put them on my ugly feet. Yet hiking in the high mountains is no catwalk in a fashion parade. Reliability and comfort are paramount when you are high on the mountain with the risk of a long and cold walk ahead. Thankfully, I can attest these Lomer boots have served me well so far.

Yet I have noticed a number of build issues and signs of wear:

– where the front of the sole meets the front of the toe box, the glue has failed leaving a small gap.

– the top of the toe box has various scrapes from me stumbling, sharp rocks and undergrowth.

– the soft Vibram sole is showing signs of wear in the heel area. Yet this seems average for six months use.

– after walking in the rain for over three hours, water had entered my right boot and was visible on the insole.

– the care advice states to not use soap to clean the outer surfaces. Instead wait until the mud dries, then brush it off. However, muddy clay sticks to the soft leather and does not come off even when dry.

Apart from the tread wear, I feel all of these issues could be solved with a ‘rand’. A waterproof strip that protects the uppers in the high stress areas just above the sole.

To help protect and maintain the leather uppers; I use Renapur balsam wax. Which helps clean as well as protect from the mud and rain.

Inside of my Lomer boots after walking for three hours in the rain. In the right boot, water has ingressed where the sole meets the uppers. However, my feet stayed warm.

Walk on

So, despite the areas of wear, I am very happy with these Lomer boots. I have tried other boots that have started to fall apart within the same time, such as the: Berghaus ‘Expeditor Ridge 2.0’ walking boots review. Therfore, I will be happy to buy them again if these last for at least five years.

As mentioned, they are agile and flexible enough to be worn as day-to-day footwear, around the house and town. They are capable on any level of hill or mountain walking in the United Kingdom and Europe. However, if you are walking in winter and there will be continuous snow and ice on the ground, I would recommend wearing a thicker winter boot.

My funny feet are slightly different in size. With my left foot measuring just under a UK 9.5 (Euro 44 or US 10) and my right being just under a UK10 (Euro 44.5 or US11). Yet a pair of these Lomer boots in UK10 (Euro 44.5 or US11); fit me perfectly whilst wearing a thin office type sock and a thicker wool sock over the top. Without any movement or feeling too tight in the pressure point areas.

Therefore, I would highly recommend trying these boots from Lomer. Check out their website, if you prefer a different style or have a different application. I am not sponsored by Lomer, or the sole Uk distributor. They can be bought online from: Winfields Outdoors here: https://www.winfieldsoutdoors.co.uk/lomer-mens-keswick-mtx-hiking-boots-caffe/

I will report back in another six months to record any changes.

We hope you can enjoy a good walk with mother nature; whatever you wear.

Feeling comfortable, strong and good in my Lomer boots.

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