A short circular walk, taking in Cold Kitchen Hill and its expansive views, smooth byways and quaint English villages. All in the beautiful rolling chalk downland of the Deverill Valley, Wiltshire.

Walking down to Monkton Deverill

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A refreshing walk in Wiltshire

Park at Kingston Deverill; either by the church or in the layby on the start of the Maiden Bradley road. Climb up to the grassy summit of Cold Kitchen Hill and take in the wide-ranging views of this part of Wiltshire. Follow this summit ridge as it gently drops eastwards.

After a while, the path descends towards the village of Brixton Deverill. Take care crossing the main road in the village, where it crosses a bridge over the River Wylye. Here, it seems like you are passing through someone’s private driveway. Yet walk on past the church and the muddle of old and new houses until you reach a bridleway that climbs up on to the green hills above.

When reaching the top of this hill; turn to the right past the reservoir and follow the track down past a barn, to an open field. It is not clear; yet there is a public bridleway that follows the uneven ground to the bottom of the field.

When you get to this point, shown in the photo above; you will see the village of Monkton Deverill in the valley below. Descend to the village, taking care whilst walking on the short sections of road. Then turn to the right, through a field or a lane before the cricket pitch. Here you will cross a wooden bridge by a ford. It is thought that two Roman roads also crossed somewhere near here; so, take a moment to appreciate all who have walked before you.

After crossing the ford, walk back along the lane to where you started the climb to Cold Kitchen Hill. Can be walked any time of year; yet best on a clear day to take in the views. Relax and enjoy.

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