The Tour de Genzen is a 37 mile (60km) circular cycling route taking in northern Luxembourg

The rolling hills of Luxembourg on a sunny summer day

I had never been to the small European country of Luxembourg. Landlocked between France, Belgium and Germany and measuring approximately 50 by 30 miles square. So whilst planning to visit Belgium and France; I took the opportunity to see a new country! Staying in the northern town of Troisvierges; I decided to best way to see Luxembourg was to cycle through the countryside and see everyday life at a gentle pace. The ‘Tour de Genzen’; is a signed cycle route that takes in a large loop of northern Luxembourg as well as crossing the Belgian border.

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For official information on this route and many more; please see the local tourism board: No expensive GPS system or phone app is needed to cycle this route. The tourism board produces a pocket map to take with you as well as the road signs at every turn.

Just follow these signs on the Tour of Genzen

Heading south out of Troisvierges

I was staying in the well managed and maintained municipal campsite in Troisvierges; With clean toilets; hot showers and free access to the local swimming pool and waterslide; this is the perfect base for exploring the area. Waking from a peaceful nights sleep after travelling from England; I was keen to get up and out to explore.

Cycling out of the campsite; I passed under a railway line and saw the very first sign. The route starts at the train station just a few minutes up the road. I rode the route clockwise as signed; yet this route could be enjoyed the other way if you can still navigate with the signs facing the other way.

Taking the backroads

The route planner has done a great job of finding the quieter roads of Genzen. Although, Luxembourg is small; the small population will mean there is also less cars using the same quiet roads as a short cut home. Although, some sections of the route are on wider busier routes. So as always please take care and your ego will remain intact if you stop and let vehicles pass with ease.

Wide open plains, rolling hills and quaint villages

There are some fairly steep and serious climbs on this route. You will find yourself whizzing down into a valley; then soon met by a short but wall like climb out the other side. Yet appreciate the pain in the way Nietzsche intended and await the breath-taking scenery at the top of the next ridge. The hills seem to roll away forever; with the green grass shimmering like ripples on a great ocean of our world.

Interspersed with these grande views; is glimpses of rural Luxembourg life as you roll through villages and hamlets. The hermitage Helzer Klaus hermitage and church in Hachiville are well worth a visit if you can make the time. If you are looking for a lover; a local legend offers a glimmer of hope. If you walk three times around the hermitage, bang your head against a large tree and then jump into the spring. You will hear the name of your future company babbling in the stream! Luckily I passed on by with the future left where it should be.

An advert promoting Luxembourg milk!

Back into Luxembourg

Back into Luxembourg!

The Genzen Tour slowly goes south and west until it crosses the border with Belgium. As you arrive to the Wiltz railway cycle path towards Bastogne; look out for a road crossing your path near an old railway station. Turn right here onto the road; to start heading back into Luxembourg.

Make it to the border!

Using yet another quiet country road you regain a ridge as you head north. Here the route uses a route right on the border; so look out for all the antique border markers and watchtowers. I imagined how the these borders were controlled in times of conflict as well as more recent times during the pandemic. I laughed when he thought that the earth below the border can see no man made line.

A familiar scene in Genzen, Luxembourg

A great day out

The wide open vistas of Genzen

Cresting a ridge; I could see the spire of the church in Troisvierges. Although I had about five miles still to ride; I knew I was almost there. The evening sun had cooled and a gentle breeze picked up as if to give me a helping hand. I felt content, relaxed and truly happy; for I was at peace with all around me. Writing this blog over a month later; I realise this feeling cannot be faked or engineered. It can only come naturally from getting out there; to somewhere different, yet still in nature.

So please come to Luxembourg if you are passing this way. You will be welcomed and left relaxed in the calm and quiet countryside. I hope you too can enjoy the Tour de Genzen.

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