Berghaus ‘Expeditor Ridge 2.0’ walking boots review

A long term review of a comfortable but sturdy boot from Berghaus; the Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0

My Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0

A reputation built on miles of family walks

On the edge of the Ordesa Canyon, Spain. Wearing worn out army boots but using the huge Berghaus Trailhead rucksack

My parents and then my siblings and I; have been keen walkers for the last fifty years. From: Sunday walks; to autumn half term breaks in the Lake District; to hikes further afield in the Alps and Pyrenees. Having to find boots for our nine pairs of feet has been a expensive task for our parents over the years. So after wasting money on trying poor quality alternatives; a brand we have always returned to is Berghaus.

To find out more about this classic British brand and help support the UK economy; checkout their own website here:

With one of their latest designs being called the ‘Expeditor Ridge’; we had little difficulty in deciding what to buy. There is another boot by Berghaus; named: ‘Expeditor Trek’. Which has suede uppers for hiking in warmer and more humid places; yet here in a English winter, the Expeditor Ridge is the right choice.

Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees

Here is a link to Amazon; where you can buy the Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0 boots.

Please be aware, that I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases.

Design and fit

Note the low back to aid the natural movement of the ankle

The Expeditor boot is lightweight at only 1020 grams per pair; so they certainly wont slow your pace. With an upper made from scuff resistant leather and AQ water resistant lining; you will remain comfortable what ever the weather. I have walked for over six hours in the pouring rains of the Lake District: Wast Water; and for over four hours in the snows of the Pyrenees: Ibon de Gorgutes and Puerto de Glera; yet my toes remained warm and dry throughout

The ankle support is well designed, with your malleoli being enclosed and protected; yet not restricted even with the laces drawn tight. The rear of the ankle support is lower to help the ankle flex as you walk forward. It is possible for small stones to enter the boot here; yet this is rare and are easily removed with the simple lace system.

There is a high level of grip thanks to the OPTI-STUD sole; that has given me the confidence to walk on icy paths and steps.

The neutral grey colours of the boot mean you can wear them anywhere you need; without feeling like a high coloured advert for a sports company. With the smooth smart lines of the boot making them respectable enough to enter any bar or restaurant on a cold winters night.


A perfect boot for my imperfect feet!

Like most people my feet are actually different sizes! My right foot is just smaller than a UK size 10 (EU size 44.5) and the left is just under a UK size 9.5 (EU size 44)! Yet due to the need to wear thick thermal socks for winter walking; my boots are a UK size 10.5 (EU size 45).

On top of this, my feet are really wide in relation to their length! So much so; I have split newer shoes where they just could not keep my fat feet from flattening out!

Yet with even thinner socks; these boots do not fill loose or unwieldy like a clown shoe! They truly hold the foot like a hand in a glove by allowing the natural movement of the foot without pressurising certain points like the ankle, heel or the big toe and small toe mounds.

To compare, I made the mistake of once using cheap army surplus boot. The cut was much higher up the leg with long laces. So I once made the mistake of tying the laces around my leg to lose the length; which resulted in blisters on both sides of my legs where the boot rubbed as it flexed against my swelling muscles. Not to mention the various blisters on the heel and toes of my foot as it flopped about in what was apparently the right size for me!

Over a year of wear without tear

Note: the loose stitching that can go no further and the scuffs on the toe

So I have worn these boots almost every Sunday to walk in the English countryside; as well as weeks hiking in France and Spain. Not to mention countless wet and cold days; where I have worn them to work, shops and friends houses. So as I write, my pair of Berghaus Expeditors are now approximately 14 months old and still looking fresh!

The toe box is scuffed from walking through rough terrain; yet has not broken weakened the leather. On the top of the little toe mound, where the toe box meets the sole; the stitching is starting to come away. Yet no water is able to ingress and the boots structure is maintained by the rest of the stitching across the top of the boot.

Yet the heel of the foot is hardly worn, the laces have not even started to fray and the insole is still cushioning my foot from the terrors of ‘terra firma’.

Note the worn tread on the outside of the left boot

I wonder when I will have to buy them again?

Walking through knee deep snow in the Spanish Pyrenees: Ibon de Gorgutes and Puerto de Glera

So to answer the question on your mind? ‘Yes’! I would buy them again too! Yet the paradox of buying such a well made boot such as this one from Berghaus; is that they last so long, you do not know when they need to be replaced! In three, four, five years; will newer models be this good? With new environmental laws and events out of our control; maybe we will be lucky to have this quality in the future? My mother has had a pair of Berghaus boots that have lasted over ten years; so who knows when?

Yet for now, I always feel confident to walk anywhere in these boots and that is all that really matters. From a whole day in the rain, hours in knee deep snow or just rough terrain in high summer; I have always felt happy in these boots. The £95 to £110 price tag is still a lot of money to must; yet compare it to any other boot or shoe and then realise how long they will last and you are on to a winner for many years to come.

Here is a link to Amazon; where you can buy the Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0 boots.

Please be aware, that I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases.

My Berhaus Expeditor Ridge boots keeping me warm an dry on the hills around Wast Water; Cumbria. Wast Water

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