In the twenty two years since I have left school; my occupation and supposed career route has changed just a few times!

I left school with poor grades; due in part to bullying and also my desire to be free from the system! That summer, escaping from angry parents and the future; I found solace and time to contemplate, out on my bike. When ever I was not busy with mundane tasks; I would grab my old bike out of the shed and head out on the back roads around my house. Being out there in nature I felt: normal, relaxed and alive!

I took part time factory jobs to pay for cycling and surfing holidays in France and Italy. I had no ambition; just enjoying every day, with my brothers, with friends and alone out on my bike.

After a while, my father became irritated with my bohemian ways so demanded I go to college, get a job or get out the house! So choosing college; I decided to enrol on a construction course, in order to work outside. This meant for two more years; I could continue my lifestyle whilst attending college for just 15 hours a week!

At the end of the two years; I suddenly realized construction was not my calling in life. I had learnt no construction trades; simply the ability to administer a construction company. Trying to avoid real work; I then applied to study law at university. Although I enjoyed the course and was interested in the fundamental concepts of what is right and wrong; I had a empty feeling inside. The only time I felt content in the four years I studied law was on my free days. The free days when I could get out on my bike and relax!

After finishing law school; I again escaped south to the beaches of southwest France and the Basque country. One day, I was sitting a quarter mile out in the ocean waiting for a wave; looking back at the land and contemplating my future. It dawned on me; I need to work, in order to pay for the simple things that make me happy. I do not need a fancy car or big house or new clothes to feel content. I just need one bike, one pair of boots and enough food to not feel weak.

When returning to England; I tried to find a profession that had plenty of work, would pay well but which I could come and go from when I felt the need to escape!

After doing some research; I found truck or lorry driving to best suit my lifestyle. It pays £100 to £150. Via an agency, I can choose exactly how many days I work in a week, month or year. It is clean and varied work; in which I meet many people to which I deliver. As well, it is a skill that can I take with me anywhere in the world. At this moment in time; I am contemplating living and working full time in Spain.

Yes, I have no career ladder to try and climb, no office politics and deadlines and performance indicators to try and fulfil. Yet to me work is solely a means to make money. Whilst money is needed to enjoy the things in life you just cannot buy; if you are careful and modest, you can be just as happy whether you are a prince or a pauper!

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