Salomon Speedcross 5 review

A cool, colourful and comfortable off-road trainer

Salomon Speedcross 5 trail running shoe

New runner

I decided to take up running last autumn; as a way to keep fit in the long nights of a English winter. Check out my previous post: Run to relax; for my views as a new runner. Having used a pair of Adidas Terrex for these four months; I noticed they were beginning to show signs of wear. Therefore, after weeks of online research; I decided to buy and try these Salomon Speedcross 5 trainers. Designed for trail running; these work perfectly in soft or broken ground, well away from the knee beating tarmac.

Designed in France and made in China

I had heard of the Salomon brand from friends who own and run in these fashionable French trainers. So like a magpie; the bright orange sole and the ‘Crystal Teal/ Barrier Reef Blue’ uppers caught my eye too. Realising a huge part of running, is having the motivation to get out and run; I thought investing in these trainers would give me extra drive to go for run. In addition, spending £120 on these trainers; has given me the confidence to enjoy a run and not just see it as a necessary evil to keep fit.

However, experience replaces naivety day by day; so I am well aware of the questionable build quality and strength of these Chinese made shoes. The upper materials are paper thin and the sole is glued on; so I am open minded about these possibly Icarus like trainers.

Cool and clever features

Let your sole guide you

Salomon has a range of features that make this shoe worthy of wearing on a long off road run.
It has ‘SensiFit’ which uses soft rubber to help mold the shoe to shape of your foot. It has ‘EnergyCell+’ which is a midsole compound; that helps return some of the downward energy to your foot as you lift to take the next step. Traditional laces are replaced by a lighter drawstring cord that stow neatly in the tongue. It also has ‘Molded OrthoLite® sockliner’ which helps cushion your foot as well as allowing breathability which is important on a longer run.

Yet this is all packed into a trainer that weighs just 320 grams (11.28oz); which feels incredibly light as you run through heavy mud or grass. The thick 5mm tread lugs give reassuring grip in mud and grass; yet don’t feel too slow on hard concrete. With uppers made from a material that reminds me of fibreglass; these trainers are amazing just to look at, let alone wear!

Fibreglass like uppers and tough rubber lugs!

Pros and Cons after one 5km run:

Mud hugger!

So I have only run 5 kilometres in these shoes as I write. Yet using the online size guide; they feel very comfortable and fit perfectly to my feet. Check out the page on the official Salomon website:

As mentioned, I am a newcomer to running and will hopefully enjoy improving my fitness over the coming year; whilst wearing these trainers.

I am aware of the possible quality issues with this type of synthetic high wear trainer. Yet I felt it was necessary to invest in the right footwear in order to enjoy a good cross country run.

I will update this page in a year; or when any issue arises with these Salomon Speedcross 5 trail running shoes. Cheers; keep on running!

– Very comfortable.
– Lightweight
– Grippy!
– Cool and colourful.
– Reassuring and inspiring shoe for the new runner

– Questionable longevity
– High price
– Lugs hold the mud.
– Let us accentuate the positive now!

Keep on running

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