Writing a relaxing blog

To paraphrase Lennon and McCartney: ‘there is nothing you can write; that has not been wrote. There is nothing you can do that cannot be done’
So stop worrying and start writing a blog that helps you relax into a peace of the mind.

A picture from my own favourite blog about walking out under a full moon: Moon walk

Knowing your limitations

San Antoni reservoir, Tremp, Catalunya

It is too easy to focus on your message, your opinion, your point of view; that you forget and struggle to write the simplest words. If you are trying to describe a subject that is too big, technical or obscure; then break the subject into easy sections and save something for the next blog!

My blog focuses on ways to relax as well as rides and walks that I have enjoyed over the years. I know I will never become rich from Amazon associate links or Google ad-sense because my subject is not so interesting to many people. Yet I am rich in a history of memories of beautiful days out in nature; that I can remember when my day is not so relaxing. Just the other day, whilst driving to work in the sub zero temperatures of a English winter; I thought back to one balmy bike ride in the warm autumn sun of Catalunya: Around the Sant Antoni Reservoir, Tremp

Remember how to write

An excerpt from Politics and the English Language by George Orwell

I feel we spend so long writing boring emails at work or abbreviated messages on WhatsApp; that many us have forgotten how easy writing really can be. Do not become weighted down by ponderous prose; use fancy words or worry about placing that comma or semi-colon. Just enjoy writing every word as if you had just learnt it!

In his short essay: Politics and the English Language; George Orwell explains some brilliantly simple rules of writing that I try to adhere to myself. Yet, at the end of the day; just enjoy your writing as much as the subject or passion you are focused on.

Know your audience

Remember your audience and their attention span and enjoy writing like the child you still are!

Alfred Hitchcock once said: “Always make the audience suffer as much as possible”. So, unless your blog is about horror; try to make the audience happier and more interested with every word, sentence and blog.

Some blogs may cover very specific subjects; from science and medicine to easier subjects about hobbies and cooking. So do not get despondent, if you only have one view per day on your blog about a rare disease. If your words help just one person down the line; then your blog has been worth all the time and thought.

Unless you are writing a blog about how to find gold at the end of the rainbow or you can prophesise next weeks lottery numbers; you may not have a large subscriber base. Yet if you can sell tea to China or ice to the Inuit’s; then congratulations, I would like to hear about your tales too. So do not worry about the money, the subscribers or the likes; just relax and write what you want.

What is more, if you are lost for words; then turn off the computer. Do not sit there for hours staring at a blank page. Set yourself a time limit of an hour or even less and just write away. Peace.

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