Relaxing YouTube channels

Ten channels to watch on YouTube to help you unwind and relax in this age of high speed internet and social media

1. Modern relaxation music

An obvious choice is relaxing background music. With the aid of computers and vast music libraries; there is now an almost endless supply of electronic based relaxation music. One of my favourite types of music is synthwave; after the background music from classic computer games such as OutRun.

Here are a few to get you going:

2. Classical music

Although not to everyone’s taste; there is always a relaxing piece of classical music that has been uploaded onto YouTube. If you don’t know your Mendelssohn from your Mozart or your Bach from your Beethoven; simply type in: ‘relaxing classical music’. Most YouTubers make the effort to name the classical pieces in their videos so in no time you will be ‘au fait‘ in no time!

Here is one I listen to whilst composing blogs:

3. Hobby and personal interest videos

We are normally on YouTube when we are bored at work, cannot sleep in bed or just waiting and procrastinating! A great way to escape your current conundrums is to watch videos of people doing a hobby or personal interest that you enjoy. As you know one of my favourite things in life is to head out on the bike!

Below are two videos by two different vloggers that I really enjoy watching when I cannot get out on the bike myself. The first guy called Iohan; has been cycling from Alaska to Patagonia. His amiable spirit, friendliness to every human and animal he meets and his breathtaking cinematography is equal to any Hollywood blockbuster.

This second guy not only goes bikepacking; he hikes, cooks and documents his life living in a minivan. Again his easy going outlook on life and dulcet Canadian patter; leaves me feeling happy and relaxed after every video. Enjoy:

4. Walking with Kraig Adams

Not all of us enjoy cycling but who doesn’t like a little walk now and again? Well if you are unable to get your boots on; put your feet up and watch this guy below. Stunning cinematography, his humble character and an almost silent film style; leaves me speechlessly calm.

5. Life in rural China with 李子柒Liziqi

Here is another channel that transcends the need for dialogue to demonstrate the basic needs in life. Travel to rural China and live, cook and care with the beautiful Liziqi. In the video below; you can see her harvest and process cotton.

6. Missing work?!

Sometimes when I am travelling or relaxing; I have unexplained thoughts about working! Well apart from being a blogger; my real proper job is being a lorry driver. When I am faraway from the hot seat of a lorry; I sometimes watch other drivers on YouTube, sad as it may seem. This guy however is my favourite because of his patient and relaxing style of driving. Check it out to see the point of view of a lorry driver.

7. Watching onscreen personal heroes: Keith Floyd

As we wind our way along life’s wide and wonderful path; we come across heroes that agree with our own moral compass and ‘joie de vivre‘. One of my heroes is the legendary chef Keith Floyd. A true ‘bon vivant‘ who loved food, drink and women; maybe too much. Famed for slurping back the wine whilst cooking; he is the forefather of TV cooking. Below is a link to his hilarious film on how to deal with a hangover:

8. White noise

This may seem an odd choice; yet it can work in certain circumstances to help you relax and even fall asleep. For those of you who do not know; ‘white noise’ is a noise containing many frequencies with equal intensity. For example: the noise coming from water flowing over stones in a stream, wind blowing through trees or cars passing on a distant road. It is even possible to buy a machine that produces white noise; to help babies or night shift workers to sleep.

Here is an example:

9. Old television comedy series from when you were a kid

Another way to relax; is to return to happy places from our childhood. A good way to do this is to watch an old comedy that we enjoyed many years ago with our family and friends. Here is one of my personal favourites Benny Hill:

10. Your own video memories

A final idea to relax after a stressful day; is to remind ourselves of happier times by way of home videos we took in the past. Therefore, to finish, I hope I have given you a few ideas to relax by way of YouTube. Search for yourselves and relax. Here is a video from my own channel:

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