Northwave Origin MTB shoe review

A long term review of the Northwave Origin mountain bike shoe

Durable, comfortable, clever and style from Northwave

The need for a mountain bike shoe

If you are new to cross country mountain biking; you will have come to realise that you need the stiff sole of a road cycling shoe but the ability to walk maybe long distances over unrideable terrain.

The ‘Origin’ shoe by the Italian manufacturer: Northwave; is reasonably priced yet well made and very comfortable. Here I give my thoughts after a year of use.

Intelligent Italian design

Building on the mandatory need for a stiff sole with tread; Northwave have included a couple of features that make this shoe a decent choice.

For a start, they have flared the tongue; to relieve skin pressure on the front of your ankle.

Then there is the simplicity and comfort in using three Velcro straps. Fancy dials or ratchet straps; can and do, fail and break.

Have you ever heard of Velcro suddenly failing?

Look at the Italian design on the tongue!

Continuous comfort

In these shoes I have completed several rides; over 50 miles in distance and eight hours in duration. Not once did these shoes cause me any discomfort. The deep foam inner sole, venting over the toes, a well thought ankle collar and ergonomic padding; let my feet avoid the same suffering of other parts of my body.

Happy ankles at any angle!
I got sole!

Wear but no tear

I have owned these shoes for approximately a year. I have ridden over 1,400 miles in them. I have walked on rough and broken ground on many occasions; once walking up a 33% gradient in the unforgiving Spanish Pyrenees. I have scuffed the soles on countless occasions by not finding the cleat on the first, second and third time! Yet they seem as good as new to me. With double stitching, Velcro straps, a hard tread and care; I think these shoes will last many years.

Tougher shoes than a packhorse!

I would recommend and I will buy again

So these shoes are priced at £85 to £100 on Amazon and other reputable websites. If you are a keen cyclist; I think they are a worthy investment to further enjoy your passion.

I have only ever bought my cycling shoes from Northwave in the past fifteen years; all three pairs of them! The first pair, are about ten years old and worn; yet they are still going strong! After buying the fancy pair pictured above last year; I gave the old ones to my brother who is only just getting into cycling as a great way to keep fit. My other older pair, are Gore-Tex winter boots; which I switched to in the colder six months of the English weather. By having a summer and winter pair of cycling shoes; you stay comfortable whatever the temperature and double the life of your shoes.

The Velcro straps will not fail high on a mountain pass, the padding and sole will keep you comfortable wherever and the Italian styling will give you a fashionable air when you get there!

As for sizing; they fit my wide feet very well, without being tight or loose. Here is a link to the Northwave website; so you can check your size and check their other cool clothing:

Here is an Amazon link to buy the current edition of these shoes as well as a similar design:
Please note: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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  1. I’ve had mine for a year now, there are stiff and otherwise good. However the materials has lost a lot of it’s plastic covering. I may have to replace and only after one year.

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